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Achieve customer satisfaction, reliability of quality, innovation and delivery, and cost effectiveness

About Maluo

Shanghai Maluo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a two-wheel-driven growth type exhibition company that specializes in exhibition booth design and installation, and integrated design and installation of enterprise showrooms, exhibition centers, science museums, planning museums, multimedia halls etc. It has expanded its business throughout the whole country, with branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou etc. It also has established long-term relationships with the strategic partners in the European and American markets and Southeast Asia region. We own a group of vibrant, creative young designer elite team, digital multimedia exhibition item design, planning and production team and experienced construction team capable of providing clients with one-stop international standardized services of display and demonstration.

Global booth design and installation service: Regard visual creativity as core background, adopt 3D effect and presentation and multimedia technology to realize the strategies from exhibition brand promotion to exhibition marketing, from conceptual design to on-site implementation. Serve major global exhibitions through whole industry chain to provide globalized one-stop exhibition services for enterprises from at home and abroad.

Creative Planning for exhibition hall and showroom: Regard cultural creativity as core background, and combine digital creativity display engineering, 3D and special movies, 3D images, interactive media application, VR and multimedia exhibition item application to realize three-dimensional spatial creativity design, comprehensive engineering supervision, finalized project construction implementation, and offer one-stop comprehensive exhibition solutions for domestic and overseas clients.

Achieve customer satisfaction, reliability of quality, innovation and delivery, and cost effectiveness

Company Philosophy

  • Diligence

    Strive to realize high quality of each project, and insist on core intrinsic cultural values of satisfying clients by being strict with ourselves to provide considerate service for each client.
  • Conscientiousness - Responsibility

    We undertake booth business conscientiously to fully meet clients’ demands.
  • Teamwork

    We strive to become the industry leader.
    Achieving excellence is our pursuit.
  • Professionalism - Innovation

    Design currently-popular schemes;
    Adopt advanced equipment;
    Use environment-friendly materials advocated by our country;
    Don’t be content with average performance, and don’t dare to fall behind the times.
Achieve customer satisfaction, reliability of quality, innovation and delivery, and cost effectiveness

Company Advantages

Management advantage

Management Advantage:

1.Perfect human resource structure, rigorous work flow;

2.Conscientiousness can only get things right, and diligence can make us do things well. Our team is fully responsible for each client.

3.We can offer highly efficient, good quality and considerate services, and even can ensure reasonable price, serious attitude and reliable technology. We love exhibition industry, and also love the earth, as well as caring for everyone.

Design advantage

Design Advantage:

1.Designers who received professional training have rich practical experience.

2.Design directors are responsible for supervising implementation and reviewing practicability, better display clients’ propaganda effect with better layout; Offer better design schemes for clients by thinking what clients think and supplying what clients need.

Engineering Production

Project Production:

1.After years of development, company’s directly-managed factories have accumulated rich experience in production and service. Factories with certain scales have a group of highly capable, skillful staff.

2.Professional efficient installation team can effectively ensure project progress, safety, quality and booth effect. Choosing us can make you experience our professionalism and diligence.

Price advantage

Price Advantage:

1.Combine our own strength and grasped resource advantage to complete engineering projects of various materials.

2.Carefully calculate costs, ensure quality and service; minimize production costs, offer high quality products with competitive prices.

Service advantage

Service Advantage:

Sincerity, diligence, concentration and professionalism are the essence of our service!