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Booth design is a professional customized image design for the booths ordered by nationwide enterprises in various industries attending targeted exhibitions. The participating enterprises are called “exhibitors” in exhibition industry. Here, exhibitors can let exhibition booth design company know their specific demands such as corporate image presentation, product presentation, marketing presentation as well as hard power presentation and cultural soft strength promotion so as to reach goals and meet demands of participating in exhibitions. It’s entirely feasible to conduct customized design based on exhibitors’ demands, and finish installation of booths according to customized design schemes so as to realize perfect image demonstration effect and help to achieve exhibitions’ fruitful results.
Booth design and installation serves as a demonstration that can best reflect the strength and culture of an enterprise. It is also the only way of experiencing corporate image visually, representing corporate image virtually. And it plays a vital role in completing successful exhibitions for exhibitors.
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Maluo Exhibition Service strives to become the model brand and industry benchmark in comprehensive exhibition field of China.

Twenty four Fortune Global 500 enterprises choose Maluo Exhibition.
Successful cases of over 2700 exhibitions held by Maluo

Our Experiences


Established in 2011, Shanghai Maluo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. specializes in exhibition display, booth design and installation. It has expanded its business throughout the whole country, with a group of over 40 vibrant, creative young designer elite team members, and nearly 200 experienced construction team members. Our company has offered services for twenty four Fortune Global 500 Enterprises, with rich experiences in booth installation of over 2700 exhibitions. We provide globalized one-stop standardized services for clients with cutting-edge design, best service, reasonable project price, and perfect later-period service.
We will do our part for a
better society.

We are willing to do what we can to make our society better.

Our Core Values

Core values

Maluo exhibition team members strive to realize high quality of each project,

and insist on core intrinsic cultural values of satisfying clients by being strict with ourselves to provide considerate service for each client.

We offer services wholeheartedly to create value for clients.

We show concern for each staff.

We think what suppliers think to provide them with more direct and efficient support.

We are strict with ourselves to change impossible into possible.

We progress together, help each other, share weal and woe, and share happiness and sorrow to lead the team to achieve common goals.

Maluo Exhibition We are continuously offering exhibition services for you, striving to improve clients’ image.
Our Design Unique vision and unlimited creativity can customize booths for clients in confined spaces.
Our Service Professional, sincere, prompt, considerate. We focus on making global clients feel reassured about our services.
Maluo’s Work Ethic We can undertake booth projects unable to be completed by others, and can change impossible into possible by providing trustworthy booths for clients.
To win the support and trust of all sectors
of the exhibition industry

Maluo Exhibition has won support and trust from friends in exhibition industry by means of considerate service,
rich construction experience, and powerful strength.

Our History and Experience


Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Solar Photovoltaic Expo (SNEC)

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Food Expo (SLAL)

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Intelligent Hotel Expo (SHE)

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Hotel Franchising Expo (HFE)

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Expo (HSF)

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) Fishery Industry Expo

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Automotive Air Conditioners and Refrigeration Equipment Expo

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Air Purification Industry Expo

Designated Booth Builder of China (Shanghai) International Auto Parts Expo

Production Factory


Maluo Exhibition owns large production sites required for modern processing, including 17000㎡ East China production base, 15000㎡ South China production base, over 8000㎡ North China production base, and 8000㎡ Northwest warehouse. Skilled engineering technicians and constructors in each region have a clear division of work and cooperate closely to provide clients with high quality efficient production and installation services. Modern processing sites, advanced production technology and clear work division management ensure good project quality. Our company has completed many large domestic exhibition projects, and has won many awards. Maluo Exhibition advocates artisan spirit to keep improving, and keeps up with the pace of environmental protection advocated by our country. In such a way of effective combination, we are able to promptly complete high quality project design and production, on-site installation and arrangement, emergency maintenance, booth disassembly and warehousing so as to realize modern management and scientific operation.